Why choose Key Capital Partnerships?

"As with any business, you’re interested in decreasing the risk whilst maximizing returns - and that’s something we can definitely offer!”

So why would you choose Key Capital Partnersips?


Our team includes a wide range of international expertise ranging from property surveyors, real estate professional and experienced investment / financial consultants, creative events and specialized marketing teams. Our business stands apart because of the breadth and depth of the highly skilled professionals that form the spine of our business.


For our clients, our central focus is our comprehensive coverage of the buying process. We work hand-in-hand with our clients from start to finish; from sourcing and financing; acquisition and investment returns.

We specialise in making the most of the well recognised strength of real estate investment (in the right place at the right time) and packaging it into an easily managed and highly profitable tranche of an investor’s portfolio.


Since its inception, our business has earned a brand that is highly trusted and sought after, by high-net-worth investors. We always strive to deliver excellence in everything new do, including investor returns. We have cultivated a reputation for integrity and reliability, built on a long-standing record of meeting challenges head-on and standing by the commitments we make.


Our specialist team of Consultants represents the most valuable link between clients and projects. Their goal is to develop trustworthy and long-lasting relationships through a process designed to create a detailed understanding of a client’s individual investment needs. This is achieved thorough extensive experience and real estate knowledge combined with up-to-the-minute awareness of all markets in which we operate and unique insight tailored towards each investor’s specific wealth strategy.

If you’re a developer, Key Capital is the ideal partner, acting as a full-service adviser to help you reach clients in a meaningful way. Our shared passion for the build, cultural understanding of your market and of our clients means that more than often we can advise you prior to a property’s official release to ensure it meets demand. From the number of units and the size of the bedroom to the choice of the materials, we will help you build a successful project.

Our 360° offer:

Global reach, minimum effort

Our wide client base and vast network of agents across ensures our multilingual team and property experts will help you meet your end goal: successful introduction of a development to the international market leading to guaranteed sales.

Market penetration

When you partner with us, you get access to our diversified database of clients, from second home purchasers to portfolio investors, partner agents and investment groups.

Concept and development consulting

Our experience and understanding of the needs of clients mean we also advise you during the concept phase of your development, helping you guarantee an appropriate and successful market introduction, and improved sales margins.

Communication is everything

We understand that no two projects are the same and each needs a bespoke identity and innovative marketing strategy to communicate your product more effectively. Whether you need a brochure, a social media campaign, lead-generating PR, or a film, our in-house marketing team and branding partners have the cultural and aesthetic sensibility to deliver and appeal to the international markets for maximum visibility. We also regularly organise seminars and events for investors to meet agents and developers during new property launch campaigns. (link to SA exhibition)

Financing advice

Structuring the finances of a development correctly is crucial to its long-term success. We have helped many of our partners with land acquisition, build-to-suit transaction structuring, mortgage financing for investors, construction/acquisition financing and recapitalisation strategies. Our exclusive relationships with premier lenders and a select group of private investors ensure we provide you with innovative financing solutions.

Acquisition structure and tax optimisation

We also provide you with tailored solutions for purchasing and taxation strategies for you and your clients. We are able to do this by keeping you up to date with financial trends, property related jurisdiction & legislations as well as what is happening on a local political level in your markets.

Paperwork help

We offer comprehensive assistance to your clients through the purchase process, from drafting contracts to final signature of deed of sale. We also love putting people in touch so if you have a specific need, contact us to see if we or one of our partners can help you.